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Purifying Breath

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Keep Your Cool

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It was a hot summer and when the heat rises tempers can rise as well. Yoga teaches us to maintain tranquility even is challenging positions and temperatures, but sometimes we need a little help.  This meditation combines breath, visualization and mindfulness to soothe your temper and lower your temperature.


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Brahmari or Humming Bee Breath

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Lindsey of Golden Scarab Yoga is back with annother fantastic yoga breath video!  Humming Bee Breath has always been a chalenge for me and Lindsey does an amazing job of explaining and teaching this technique.

Sometimes we get really caught up in thoughts, or something we experience a very emotional event. Humming bee breath is a wonderful breathing technique to release and relax a busy mind. - Lindsey, Golden Scarab Yoga


My talented friend, Lindsey, is sharing the yoga breathing techniques that helped her heal her asthma. Very well explained!


"I have healed my asthma through different pranayama techniques. Various people [including my mother] have asked me to post a series of videos with different breathing exercises. This is part one. It is very simple, including only breathing awareness and deerga swasam, three part breath. This is a very beautiful technique, since it is able to be practiced at almost any moment where you have some free time. Please watch, practice, and comment.
"  - Lindsey, Golden Scarab Yoga


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Yoga to Still the Mind

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This short yoga series is to help you still your mind and body for meditation. Focus on your breath and lengthening you spine.  Feel the energy of the Universe flow through your body all through your practice.

Filmed on location at my childhood home.

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Sun Salutation

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Sun Salutation Filmed in my Office.

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