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Grounding, Forgiveness & Gratitude ~ Yoga and Meditation to Heal Your Soul

downdogBy its very nature yoga is a practice of grounding and release. We root into the Earth beneath us and shape our bodies to release tension and pain and finish with the blessed release of Savasana.

Based on John Michael Thornton's book and guided meditation, "Grounding Forgiveness & Gratitude - Three Guided Meditations to Heal Your Soul," this gentle and accessable worshop can help you connect with the center of your being to find release and comfort. In this workshop we delve deeper into ways we can heal our souls by connecting to the Earth, releasing and forgiving pain and trauma and experience the warmth and peacefulness of Gratitude.

Check the Calender to find upcoming classes or contact me to schedule a workshop in your area.


Now offering classes in Akron, Youngstown, Boardman, and Hubbard Ohio

warriorAdjustmentI was a teenage klutz, and an incredibly uncoordinated child. At 16 I began studying yoga. I had known about yoga my whole life, but you don’t really begin to understand yoga until you undertake a regular practice.
At 16 I began studying with Shirl Swan-Mock. Slowly, I became more centered and connected to my body; gaining an awareness of the connections between my body, mind and spirit. From this awareness I gained a measure of physical grace and balance.

Millions of people have found relaxation, improved mental and physical health, gained strength and increased flexibility through yoga. World class athletes, from Football to the Olympics to Golf have used yoga to prevent injuries, recover faster and improve their games.  From children to seniors, yoga improves balance, calms the mind and lengthens the joints... and it’s fun! Find out why Yoga is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and may soon be featured in the Olympics!

Now you can enjoy the luxury of Yoga Personal Training and small classes, locally and in your own home. I offer personalized training for individuals and small groups right in your home or office. With twenty years of practice and ten years of teaching, Yoga has helped me manage stress, increase flexibility and heal injuries for many years; let me show you the benefits of a regular yoga practice.



I started teaching the old fashioned way, my teacher of many years turned to me and said, "You are ready to start teaching.  I want you to take over this class, if you have any trouble I'll be in the back."  I've been teaching ever since.

1993-1997, 2004-2006 Shirl Swan-Mock Youngstown, OH
1996-1998 2004-2012 Abby Alter Sharon, PA
1993-1994 Heather Heath Youngstown, OH
2012 Yandara Yoga School Baja, Mexico - 200 hour teacher training



Teaching History



1999-2000 - Association for Research and Enlightenment - Virginia Beach
2001-2003 - Private Lessons - New York, NY
2004-present - Private Lessons - Mahoning Valley
2005-present - Hubbard Community Pool Center


Weekly Classes

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